microRNA Replacement Therapy
Investor Relations

Mirna is a biopharmaceutical company focused on development  of microRNA-based oncology therapeutics.

Mirna’s lead product candidate, MRX34, the first microRNA mimic to enter clinical development in oncology, was studied as a single agent in a multi-center Phase 1 clinical trial, which included patients with primary liver cancer, other solid cancers, and hematological malignancies (lymphomas and leukemias). MRX34 was designed to deliver a mimic of the naturally occurring microRNA tumor suppressor miR-34, which is under expressed in a wide variety of cancers. MRX34 entered clinical testing in 2013.  In September 2016, Mirna voluntarily halted enrollment and dosing in the clinical study following multiple immune-related severe adverse events (SAE) observed in patients dosed with MRX34 over the course of the trial.  Mirna is further analyze its preclinical and clinical data set, and are in the process of discussing with its advisors, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, regarding possible future development of MRX34.    

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